Cartwheels, Etc. Gymnastic Classes

Tiny-Tots: 1-3 Years 
A creative and exciting learning situation for child and adult. Experience the thrill of your child performing simple motor movement skills for the first time! This is the ideal situation to work on socialization skills and physical development under the supervision of qualified staff and adults. Fun for adult and child. This class meets once a week for 40 minutes 

Big Tots : 3 & 4 Years (must be fully potty trained) 

An instructor taught class. Children will be introduced to basic gymnastics skills while constantly trying to build self esteem and confidence in a fun, positive atmosphere. Involving music, obstacle courses & cooperative games. This class meets once a week for 40 minutes

Kindergarten Gymnastics: 4 & 5 Years

An instructor taught class. Designed for children kindergarten age as a transition from our Preschool to our Gym 1 class. Still running in a Preschool format with a Gym 1 skill level. As always, constantly trying to build self esteem and confidence. This class meets once a week for one hour

Gym 1: 6 Years and Up (must be in 1st grade) 
A one-hour recreational gymnastics class. Teachers safely take gymnasts through a progression of skills; taking time to improve and perfect each skill using creative situations and equipment. It is designed to increase self-esteem through a fun, positive learning atmosphere

Gym 1.5: 7 Years and Up
A one and a half hour class. This class is designed for children who have been enrolled in our one-hour program for 2 or more sessions and are ready for a greater challenge. This class incorporates Gym 1 & Gym 2 skills

Gym 4: Invitation Only
This class prepares gymnasts for a pre-team program. Coaches permission is required for this program. This class is 2 hrs. long and meets twice a week. These classes are designed to gear your child toward a developmental competitive program